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Dear Commercial Real Estate Agent,

Being a commercial agent can be challenging.  Financing options for all types of commercial investments have changed radically in the last few years.  Rapidly changing economic conditions have revealed new investment opportunities. New technologies have enabled new methods of research for prospects to utilize in the research of the best investments available.

With changes in the economy, changes in financing, and new technologies available, how have you changed your business?  Are you still practicing the old art of “dialing for dollars”?  Are you sending out the same tired pieces of direct mail and “hoping” they will make your phone ring?

Envision your commercial real estate business where eager prospects reach out to you daily.  Picture your phone ringing with total strangers that crave your expertise and want to do business today!  This isn’t a fantasy.  This isn’t a method that counts on people referring you business either.  I invite you to consider a different approach to your commercial business.  I invite you to consider a marketing approach to your business.  Don’t give me static that marketing “doesn’t work”.

Here with Michael Simpson Coaching you will discover commercial marketing strategies that allowed me to be one of the top commercial brokers in all of Re/Max.  With my innovative methods I was able to be one of the top 3 commercial agents in California and Hawaii and now I am sharing my methods with you.

In my power-packed free marketing course, you will discover the “never before shared secrets” of marketing like:

  • Why counting on referrals is a sure-fire way to leave you wondering when your next pay check is coming from and have you uttering phrases like “feast or famine is just the name of the game”
  • How to have 4 marketing systems that bring you business daily (Hint: I don’t count it as a system unless it brings you at least 2 closings monthly)
  • Why it’s NOT necessary to control listing inventory to have massive success (did you know there are FREE methods of marketing that will bring you new buyers daily?)

When you would like to discover how you can generate new leads daily for your commercial marketing business simply take less than 30 seconds to request my FREE course below.  This power-packed free course will share with you innovative methods that you can put into action today.

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The tactics and strategies you will have access to can’t be found in any book.  These aren’t some tired “tips” you have seen re-used across the internet either.  When you request the free course you will discover the latest marketing methods that I have personally tested to bring you new leads and business today.

To your success,

Michael Simpson

Michael Simpson

National Speaker and Marketing Coach